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                                Sound Therapy Sessions - semi-private, private 


Join me for the evening of peace and relaxation. Let the stress and tension to move away! Meditate with soothing  music of Gong, Tibetan and Crystal bowls. (No meditation experience necessary).

Meditation using the sounds and sound frequency has a great therapeutic and healing properties. It helps to remove emotional, mental and physical blockages. 

Every Thursday evening at My Home Studio in Hendon, NW4 

The sound bath for me is a way to discover myself, to know myself better. I enjoy listening to the sounds and to experience them, to see their images and find the world of emotions. I love their healing energy and powerful vibrations.

It is almost impossible to describe it, it needs to be experienced.

What is sound bath:

A sound / gong bath means that the body is enveloped in sound frequencies. It works not only through the ears, but all body is also immersed in harmonising sound vibrations.

The sound bath helps to experience a state of relaxation, even to the ones who has difficulties to relax. The sounds of Gongs, Tibetan and Crystal bowls bring you to a deep state between sleeping and being awake, the state where your body and your mind can repair themselves.

More benefits of sound therapy:

It is believed that vibrations help to synchronize the frequencies within our body and be a great addition to the treatment of illnesses linked to emotional imbalance (insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression).  Moreover, the sound therapy helps to reduce an inflammation and boost your immune system.  

It is proven that the certain combinations of the sounds cause the cells to spike nitric oxide, the vital substance that supports your body health.

When our cells produce nitric oxide naturally:

How does it feel:

On one hand you will hear the sounds. On the other hand, you might feel the vibrations on the bones and body. It is hard to describe, like one of my participants keeps saying, you have to experience it.

Please contact me for more information to book your place 

Call:   Tatjana 0781 721 2578